T.U.M.U.S Devlog #2

Wobbly Dev Preamble

Hello, I'm Wobbly Dev and I'm glad you're here.

I'm a dues-paying member in good standing and a delegate of the Industrial Workers of the World, a global solidarity union founded in 1905. I'm working actively on 3 committees in my local branch.

It is a goal of mine to organize my fellow workers in the games industry who suffer terribly in the current cycle of development and crunch culture.

HOLY SH*%, I have been so thoroughly eye-balled by Thought Slime. I admit, I honestly didn't see that coming.

I am grateful and humbled and feeling a little light-headed. This means people are more likely to play these games, the first games I have made and released to the world all by myself.

If you play the games, I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for visiting.

« What is structural violence? »

Antifa is a game where you take on the role of a brave anti-fascist, fighting against the tyrranical reign of the supreme chancellor of Dumpland, Humpel Dumpty.

Antifa game link to itch.io

Download Antifa on itch.io


You are a worker among hundreds, laboring away at the Kleggich corporation. You feel like a cog in a machine over which you have no control. Time to change all that! T.U.M.U.S is a game about union organizing and seizing the means of production!

The Union Makes Us Strong!

In Production!

The Conquest of Bread

In the not-too-distant future, the world has fallen into chaos. Exploitation, coercion and manipulation define the lives of the masses of people. All seems lost for the planet and humanity, when a hero from the past returns to save the day!

The Conquest of Bread

In Production!

Script Kitty

Meara Mewkins is a gradeschool kitten in the totalitarian country of Rakshasa. She loves computers, technology and coding. She must unravel a devious, convoluted plot to find her missing parents, and uncover the dark truth behind the country's ruling elite.

Script Kitty

Coming soon!